Choose The External Factor

laitman_962.7Only a person has freewill because he or she can use an external factor that allows them to choose the direction of their development. Imagine that a grain of wheat would have the opportunity to choose how to grow into a stalk of ten grains and decide which grains. Wheat cannot choose, but we can, although we are in the same state. But we have the opportunity to turn to the special factor that will develop us, and this is called our freewill.

If there is no freedom of choice, then only wheat and nothing else can grow from your grain of wheat. However, we have the opportunity to become a human being due to an external factor. Therefore, we need to find what this external factor is, what it can do, and how can we awaken it? Also, we need to understand why we need this external factor because it goes against all of our desires, against our nature. It turns out that we need to convince ourselves, and this requires an environment that will help us overcome all difficulties and prove that this is a worthwhile endeavor. It is very difficult to acquire freedom.1

External factors make a huge impact on a person: we pass on our thoughts, desires, aspirations, goals, and values to other people, and we receive the same from them. Humanity thus develops under the influence of society. Particularly noticeable is the influence of the media that destroys a person.

An external factor cannot affect a person directly, but indirectly, in a roundabout way; it has a very serious effect.2
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Freedom”
1 Minute 34:40
2 Minute 38:12

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