The Impact Of Kabbalistic Texts

laitman_209Question: What is the goal of studying the science of Kabbalah?

Answer: Baal HaSulam gives a precise Kabbalistic definition of the goal of Kabbalah: the revelation of the Creator to a person in our world.

The purpose of each lesson depends on the material being studied. The material itself attunes a person to come closer to the revelation of the Creator, to aim one to achieve the goal. As a musical instrument is tuned before a performance, a person similarly needs to attune himself to attain the Creator.

Question: Does it depend more on a person or on what is said in this or that book? Are there miraculous forces in Kabbalistic books?

Answer: There is a miraculous power not in the books themselves, between the rows or between the letters, but in the influence of the text on a person.

The fact is that the Kabbalists who wrote books expressed their inner attainments. We are talking about people who were feeling the upper world and the Creator; everything they expressed on paper is connected with their spiritual attainment. Therefore, when we read their texts, they affect us, whether we like it or not. More precisely, the influence of light descends on us and gradually changes us.

Remark: When I read some dramatic story, it also affects me. I can cry or laugh.

My Comment: Correct, but it influences you purely psychologically. Here you can read without understanding anything, but the text nonetheless influences you and gradually you start to feel that something is happening in you.

You feel that in this text and in you some internal forces exist, internal undercurrents that pull you somewhere, configure your thoughts and feelings in a special way. You suddenly become slightly different, maybe more versatile, more purposeful. It is in exactly this way that the influence of Kabbalistic sources manifests on a person.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 11/20/18

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