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Mutual guarantee speaks of coming out of oneself, out of one’s ego into bestowal, into the Creator, because in relation to us the Creator is the quality of connection in the group. For we can only feel Him as the quality of unity between us.
On His own He has no quality, no name or taste, everything can be felt only through the group.

The Creator cannot be felt in regards to an individual but a group as a whole, because He, the Light, can only fill 10 friends when they become as one. After all, this is a sign that their egoism has been corrected and they become similar to the Light; they want to bestow and be in mutual guarantee between themselves.

The right connection in the group is called Arvut—mutual guarantee, when each and everyone is responsible for all. Each person in the measure of his development, which the Creator is embedding him with. Therefore, everyone is different, but all are necessary.

1. There is just one force in the world and only it governs everything. We have been given the chance to reveal its omnipotence and almightiness. By attaining it, we absorb its qualities and become similar to it.
Hence, one who hasn’t attained equivalence to the Creator is on the animate degree.

2. Annulling oneself in similarity to the Creator happens stage by stage:
-annulling egoism—the intention for oneself, but not the desires,
-acquiring the intention for the Creator’s sake over desires that are liberated from the intention for oneself,            receiving the Creator’s revelation, the fillings prepared for us, into desires with intentions for His sake.

3. Redemption from the ego, the intention for oneself, happens by a struggle, a spiritual war, where we have to imagine ourselves on the Creator’s side against our ego, our nature, ourselves. This differentiates Kabbalah from other methods. We must push the “self” outside of us and place the Creator in its place.

4. Kabbalah’s main difference from other methods is that we do everything to free up a place for the Creator to carry out His work—Avodat Hashem—a place in us! Each one must feel what and how much he frees for the Creator to make changes in him.

5. Identifying a place, desires with intentions “for oneself,” for one’s egoism, which the Creator will change to intentions for the Creator, is possible only by discovering egoism, the intention for oneself. This is identified only in the group, when a person aims to recognize where he thinks about himself instead of others.

6. You must attain a state where you feel yourself as a judge, and the Creator and egoism as opponents—and it is up to you to determine who will win. To feel how you gradually take the Creator’s side, till reaching adhesion with Him.
From Twitter, 5/20/19

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Memorial Day And Independence Day

laitman_294.3Why does Memorial Day come immediately before Independence Day [in Israel]? Everything stems from the upper roots, and in the spiritual work, it is impossible to come to connection, to the good spiritual force, without rising above the evil force, overcoming troubles, problems, and burdening of the heart. The advantage of the light is attained only over the darkness. If we want to get closer to the truth, we should be ready for the revelation of the darkness, then: “and it was evening,” it was night, and after that: “and it was morning, one day.”

Evening, night, darkness, with all its inherent attributes are an integral part of the day. That is why Memorial Day traditionally comes right before Israel’s Independence Day. Independence Day symbolizes the coming of the light and a great correction. Before that we must discover that we are in darkness, in the midst of evil and war, and we must fight and win this war to come to Independence Day.

“Love covers all transgressions.” Since we, the created beings, attain everything only from contrasts, before Independence Day there has to be Memorial Day. Everything we went through was intentionally sent to us from above and all the suffering has its goal and explanation; therefore, we have to relate to it as something necessary.

Yet, if through our connection we discover this necessity in a positive way, we even do not have to suffer from darkness, troubles, and misfortune. If we are prepared for the darkness, we hasten it and can go through it as a necessary part of our development so that evening and morning will be as one day, that is, the night and the darkness will be included in the day, in the Light.

Kabbalists understand that everything that happens is a part of the process of development, so they justify it as sent by the single upper force that brings us good in every state. If we try, we will discover there is only good and there is no evil. The angel of death will turn into a holy angel. With the correct preparation, we can go through all the difficulties with understanding and agree with them because in the darkness and in the Light we will discover the good attitude of the Creator toward us.

There are no days of mourning and states of sorrow because everything becomes connected at the end of correction: all the darkness, troubles, and misfortunes, together with the Light that opens above them, in general unity and love.

If even before the problems and troubles are revealed we ourselves search for the deficiencies and for shattered desires as necessary tools for the revelation of the Creator in order to bring Him contentment, we rejoice at the wicked being revealed. After all, the concealed wicked definitely exist as a result of the complete shattering; therefore, we rejoice at all the revealed deficiencies and regret that we have not revealed all of them.

If we reveal evil in the light of the day, “darkness shines as light.” It means that there is no darkness and everything depends on my attitude. If I reveal a disagreement between a friend and me in order to eliminate this disagreement by connecting above it and covering it with love, then I rejoice at the revelation of deficiencies no less than at their correction. The entire work depends on the correct preparation in the group.1

Memorial Day is a sad day. However, from the past bitter experience, we must understand that we can prepare ourselves for the revelation of evil so that we will not see the evil! Evil will be revealed only on the internal level as a lack of connection, not as evil in this world, war, and hatred of enemies. As it is written, “looked at him and turned him into a pile of bones.”2

We must understand that our enemies have power and they can cause us a lot of troubles. Indeed, the Creator works through them, pushing us to correction. We will have to find a way to correction, and it is only in our inner connection with the people of Israel through which the Light will flow into the world.

Let us try, let us arrange a “truce” within the state of Israel for even one month: We will not quarrel with each other; we will not hate each other; rather, we will try to get closer to each other. The love of Israel will protect us from enemies. Let us try to allow this love to reign among us, recall what our mothers used to tell us “Be good children, stop fighting, be friends!”

Let’s see what happens after a month of this experiment. Then it will be easier for us to continue because the habit will become the second nature. Let us try and see how the attitude of the world toward Israel will change, how our shares will rise in the stock market, the army will strengthen, our children will become better, the number of accidents on the roads and the number of divorces will decrease—everything will begin to improve. Let us declare a month of unity and then check the statistics: what happens to the people of Israel when they are not in internal conflict.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/7/19, Memorial Day & Independence Day
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2 Minute 16:15
3 Minute 1:54:20

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So That Bitterness Would Become Sweetness

Laitman_115Question: What determines whether the taste of the material illusion will be bitter or sweet? Can you control it?

Answer: It can be controlled only by recognizing that it comes from above, from the Creator, and therefore any bitterness becomes sweetness.

Although in reality, there is nothing sweet in the universe at all. It is evil, it is absolute bitterness, absolute salt, pepper, acid. However, when you start relating these sensations to the Creator, they become imbued with sweetness.

The same bitter, salty, sour, and other similar states become imbued with the sweetness of the Creator and become amazingly tasty! There is no other sweetness like that.

The sweetness of the upper world consists of two opposites that mutually complement each other. It is like in our world: let’s say, there is something sweet and sour. For example, brandy or vodka is added to chocolate. Without it, it is impossible, it will not work. There must be something like that or you will not feel the taste.

Question: Or the sweetness from receiving the Oscar award or the Nobel Prize in our world?

Answer: No, those are completely different types of sweetness that are added because people suffer. After all, they still invest effort.

Remark: Indeed, when I was receiving the Israeli Oscar, I took the statuette in my hands and I felt that all my pleasure was leaving. Going away. It was like I had never had desire for anything. One moment, and it all faded.

My Comment: Sic transit gloria mundi! “Thus passes the glory of the world!”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/20/19

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Intrauterine Human Development And The Development Of The Soul

Laitman_632.4Question: How are the nine months of intrauterine human development connected to the development of the soul?

Answer: Absolutely clearly. If you take The Study of the Ten Sefirot, it’s 10th part is called “Embryo” and the 11th part, “Suckling.” It speaks not about the human being, but about the soul that originates in the spiritual system called “Father and Mather.” And what occurs in our world is a copy of the spiritual birth.

It is very interesting to read about this because it is described clearly there, in more powerful details than what we know from our life. The science of Kabbalah talks about things that we are not able to discover in our world.

We know how a person is conceived, how he is born, how a fetus develops, but we do not understand the internal processes. We do not understand the essence, the source of why it is arranged this way and not otherwise. What is in a woman is a very interesting system, similar to the Creator.

Remark: It is interesting that Kabbalists wrote about it 3,500 years ago.

My Comment: They wrote it from the attainment of the upper system. Therefore, they explained how a fetus develops, for how long: seven, nine, or 12 months. There were instances when women gave birth even at 12 months.

Kabbalists wrote how to give birth, how and under what conditions, how a person should develop when he is born, that a period of suckling is possible up to two years of age, how a woman should behave after giving birth to recover faster, etc. These books contain an enormous amount of information. It is worth studying this science.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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New Life #58 – The Solution To All Threats

New Life #58 – The Solution to All Threats
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how the upper force sends all threats in order to lead us to its discovery and elevate us to another level of existence. Today, both physical and spiritual life and death depend on the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah to all of humanity. Everything takes place according to the plan of nature, the unified system, which we are born into. We are the conduits for the revelation of the upper force in the world, the light unto the nations.
From KabTV’s “New Life #58 – The Solution to All Threats,” 8/13/12

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