So That Bitterness Would Become Sweetness

Laitman_115Question: What determines whether the taste of the material illusion will be bitter or sweet? Can you control it?

Answer: It can be controlled only by recognizing that it comes from above, from the Creator, and therefore any bitterness becomes sweetness.

Although in reality, there is nothing sweet in the universe at all. It is evil, it is absolute bitterness, absolute salt, pepper, acid. However, when you start relating these sensations to the Creator, they become imbued with sweetness.

The same bitter, salty, sour, and other similar states become imbued with the sweetness of the Creator and become amazingly tasty! There is no other sweetness like that.

The sweetness of the upper world consists of two opposites that mutually complement each other. It is like in our world: let’s say, there is something sweet and sour. For example, brandy or vodka is added to chocolate. Without it, it is impossible, it will not work. There must be something like that or you will not feel the taste.

Question: Or the sweetness from receiving the Oscar award or the Nobel Prize in our world?

Answer: No, those are completely different types of sweetness that are added because people suffer. After all, they still invest effort.

Remark: Indeed, when I was receiving the Israeli Oscar, I took the statuette in my hands and I felt that all my pleasure was leaving. Going away. It was like I had never had desire for anything. One moment, and it all faded.

My Comment: Sic transit gloria mundi! “Thus passes the glory of the world!”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/20/19

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