Evil Results In More Advancement Than Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it enough simply to recognize the fact that everything that happens is sent from Above, or must one do something else?

Answer: It is not enough just to say that everything comes from Above. There are many people who talk this way. But what is important is not what the person says but how he reacts.

Does this recognition that everything comes from Above obligate me to attain this source? Do I perceive everything that happens as the language of the Creator through which He speaks to me, and do I try to change so as to become like Him, or am I just saying that all of this is from Above?

If I understand that everything comes from Above, both pleasant and unpleasant events, to bring me closer to the Creator, then it makes no difference what kind of impact it has on me, because I want to get closer to Him. He can beat me, and I want to flee from Him and forget about Him. But I must rise above my ego and say that it is not important to me how He affects me: if it is good or bad for my ego.

I always want to draw nearer to Him so that good and evil will have relevance to my ego only and not to myself, not to my consciousness. And it could be that evil advances me towards the Creator more than the good. So He will send me more evil, and I will rise above it.

It is said that “Those who love the Creator hate evil,” because evil is considered to be not the trouble or the blows that I feel. If something distances me from the Creator, this is called evil, and if it brings me closer to the Creator, then this is called good.

And then this corrects me to some degree; I begin to feel pleasure that I advance towards the Creator, even through blows. And I suffer if something distances me from Him, even if it is pleasant. If I get some kind of physical pleasure and take it into account and understand that I am distanced from the Creator through this, then this makes me suffer.

That is how a person begins to change the corporeal, beastly, egoistic desires into desires that depend on closeness or distance from the Creator, which are called vessels of bestowal. We need to go through this process.

If a person moves from desires like these to others, this means he is crossing the Machsom and entering into work for the sake of bestowal, into Lishma. He now carries out all actions only for the sake of advancement and feels all advancement as pleasure and no longer feels the blows. He is already disengaged from his ego through which the blows pass, and has pleasure from advancement only.

This may seem difficult, complicated, and hard to comprehend from a psychological point of view, but don’t worry, this is possible and we will reach this. We are already prepared to absorb and understand and begin to realize it.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson 4

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