The Royal Road

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of our lives must be directed towards the one cause from which this life is derived, that is, towards the Creator. And He is the goal we must achieve. And all the events in our life in our world are in sum derived from that thought of creation. And if we direct ourselves correctly at every moment towards that unique goal that is shaped by the thought of creation, we advance on the “royal road.”

Clarifying the direction and being conscious of this way is possible through the means that are given to us in this world. This world is created and stabilized in such a way on all of its levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human and the relationships between them all only to give us the unique possibility of correct action, meaning that we direct ourselves towards the Creator at every moment.

And the means that helps us to direct ourselves towards the Creator from every circumstance that happens to us in this world is the group. The group is like a mini-humanity within which we find ourselves in the right environment that we have constructed for ourselves. The more we organize it in an ideal, correct, good, and true form, through this we can rise higher and higher. The group is a level that is above me towards which I elevate myself more and more upward through the society.

Work in society is interesting and unique in that it becomes the intermediary between us and the Creator and between us and humanity. I cannot find the Creator by myself because I must reach equivalence of form with Him for this. In order to become equivalent to the Creator I must achieve “for the sake of bestowal,” essentially I must be in the intention to bestow. And this is possible only if I insert myself into a group and lose myself there. If together with the group I go out towards the Creator, surely I will be found in bestowal.

In order to bestow to the Creator by way of the group, I must carry the entire group in the direction of bestowal to the Creator. Therefore together we must mold the group in this direction with such a goal, with such a mission, to be connected in order to bestow to the Creator. This must be our shared goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/14, Workshop

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