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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Mentally including myself in the Creator’s white light, who is good that does good, I can start coming closer to Him, discerning which changes I must perform in me in order to enter the light through equivalence of form with it.
These are already stages of spiritual growth of the embryo, birth, nursing…

I separate from my I, egoism, as if I don’t exist in my desires and thoughts inside the white light, eliminating any intervention of my egoism. This way, I am confident that I won’t fall, since it’s impossible to fall from zero.
This is how a toddler that loses its footing sits down on the floor.

I am always in the Creator’s white light.
If I am unhappy with my state and want changes—this is excess! Since I add my egoistic desire to enjoy and understand, which conceals the Creator from me—and I feel myself, the material world.
Restriction is the 1st condition!

We are in the Creator’s light of bestowal and love to us.
Our first equivalence to Him lies in annulling our egoistic nature, which is opposite to Him, as if we don’t exist. This is a restriction of oneself.
Next we guard this state in constantly changing internal and external conditions. The 1st exercise!

My first calibration is to annul myself, to eliminate my intervention in the white light, the Creator’s quality of bestowal, not allowing awakening of my egoistic desire to enjoy and understand. I want to annul myself completely, to not be a disturbance for the upper light, like a drop of semen in the mother.

I try to attune myself as if I do not have my own mind and feelings—but rather, everything comes from the Creator. All my thoughts and sensations, everything there is in me—was sent by the Creator. If I am ready to hold on to this state, I become a spiritual embryo.
The main thing is to try to leave everything to the Creator.

My egoism demands understanding and sensation. External disturbances come from all sides. I must constantly null them to zero since I receive everything from the Creator, everything is in perfection except my thoughts and desires.
If I correct them, I will be in the Creator’s light. For now, the work is to hold egoism in zero!

At every moment I attune myself such that I don’t care what is happening to me. I hold on to the center of my desires and thoughts, like a spider in a web on guard, making sure not a single ego-desire or thought can pass through. This means I annul myself till zero, and then I can rise up the spiritual ladder.

I feel that I have “deceived” myself: I perceive everything as coming only from the Creator, since “There’s none else besides Him,” and hence as perfection, “The Good that does good.” The whole work lies in preserving oneself in zero, self-annulment, the initial state, as if there is no egoism, an embryo.

After completely annulling himself down to zero, one can reveal any states, since everything was created in order for him to remain in zero—in the Creator’s power, while gradually incorporating into him everything there is in the world.
Thus he includes in the Creator everything that he receives from the Creator, while remaining in zero.

Man is separated from the Creator by the manifestation of pride in him. He starts his adhesion with the Creator by suppressing his “I,” creating “zero,” with the intention only to bestow, with the fact that “There is none else besides Him” that there is only the Creator’s single will. Next he attributes everything to that will.

Eva Stories, an Instagram project about a Jewish girl’s life, presents a “modern” view of the dark days of the #Holocaust. It’s tragic that the gloomy days are returning with the rise of #Antisemitism across the whole world.
Yet the events are given for our nation’s unification and salvation.

But if he doesn’t have the forces to exalt the work “in zero,” with no taste, above any other state, it means he “does not respect” the Creator, preferring Him over his good sensation. If he does not have the forces to advance like this by “faith above reason”—then ask because it isn’t in a person’s power, but only in the upper light’s power.

Yearning for absolute zero is acceptance of the Creator’s upper rule (Ol Malchut Shamaim), that only the Creator can give one the forces to joyfully be in “zero” in any situation. He presents this state, as the result of efforts, to the Creator —and this makes the Creator happy.

Proper tuning of desire is so in any state, ascents and descents are equal, in intention for the sake of (joy) the Creator. After all, one receives all states from the Creator and hence agrees with any state he receives as a perfect one. And if he cannot—then ask for help!

If one aspires to feel oneself as spiritually fallen so low that one wishes nothing more than to submit to the Creator’s power, wishing to delight Him—this is “Absolute zero,” extreme humility. And it must come with great joy since precisely this is work for the Creator.

The light restricts itself and shines to the degree of a desire for bestowal; hence, if there are no desires for light to shine, the light can shine with no restrictions. Such a restriction of oneself is called “absolute zero.” When one completely annuls oneself, there is no rule of the desire—and one enters spirituality.

Absolute zero means a state impossible to feel or understand, completely shut off from sensation and thought. Because there is no light whatsoever in it. If there is still light, the desire can have contact with the light, still not having attained the state of the light’s clothing in desires.

Restriction means not wishing for more than you have, but wishing to remain the way you are forever—this is eternal adhesion. The desire for more is excess and elicits sorrow. Advancement lies in attaining joy in the state of increasingly greater lack of egoistic fulfillment of the mind and feelings!

While being in a small state, be happier than in a great state!
After all, the small state is easier to protect from foreign influences, and hence it is easier to attain the Creator’s revelation while in it. The Creator also has more enjoyment from the small state than from a great one (like a baby and a grown child).

Believing and feeling as if in one’s feelings, one sees and feels that the Creator governs the whole world in a good way. And although one sees the opposite, above one’s sensations he imagines perfection. He is happy and grateful for this opportunity to accept the world as the Creator’s perfect actions.

Bestowal means seeing the Creator as good and His rule in all things, hence I am always happy, regardless of sensations and thoughts, even though I am not in perfection in them. This is work for bestowal. Its aim is to attain the sensation of happiness in any state.
Despite the fact that I am not similar to the Creator.
From Twitter, 5/12/19

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What You Can Find In The Dark

laitman_290The work against Pharaoh, against men’s egoism, is truly enormous because egoism in its corrected form is the spiritual vessel that contains all the upper light, the entire Creator, all His revelation. The Creator wants to bestow pleasure to the created beings, that is, to reveal Himself in them entirely, so the desire must be enormous. The Pharaoh is equal in size to the Creator, only his intention is opposite.

The holy and the impure forces, the Creator and the Pharaoh, are fighting for the same desire. Man is in the middle between them and decides who will rule him. It is clear that he is not the master of himself; he only decides which king to choose.

In the same way, during elections we think that we are making a choice and making a decision. But even before the elections someone governed us and after the elections somebody will govern, we only choose our ruler. It works in the same way both in spirituality and corporeality because the latter follows the former. It is good if we make the right choice so that the good force governs us. But if not, we will be governed by an evil ruler until we want to replace him with a good one. Only at this point of choice do we have freewill; therefore, all our work is only there.

Since the desire to enjoy is huge, equivalent to the Creator, it cannot be corrected at once; many separate actions are required until the correction is fully completed. That is why the Egyptian exile must last four hundred years, that is, four degrees, to its full state.

Therefore, we should not think that we can jump into the spiritual world at once and quickly go through the exile. We should not despair that the states repeat themselves all the time, but perceive all of them as new and make new clarifications. In this way, “Many pennies join into a great amount.”

We wish for patience and perseverance. A person advances not qualitatively, but quantitatively, by multiple repetitions of the same work until a tangible result is accumulated. By repeating, a state is added to all previous ones and it brings about a qualitative change. But quality is a consequence of quantity.

It is like a computer with nothing but zero and one. But from numerous zeros and ones, we get a huge number of operations and possibilities. The most complex formula can be resolved through a sequence of zeros and ones: entrances and exits, light and darkness.

We must strengthen ourselves in such a way that we can perceive our ascents and descents as advancement, as a new state each time. It is precisely in the darkness, not in the light, that we are tested, that is, how much I do not care that I entered the darkness. After all, I do not check the state on myself, I am above it. Let there be darkness because it is in the darkness that I build up the properties of bestowal and faith. A person is tested when he has nothing, when nothing shines in the present and in the future and he does not require the Light, but only one thing: to relate this state of darkness to the Creator and live in the darkness as if in the light. This is how his faith is tested.

The whole work is precisely in the darkness, and therefore, Kabbalists have decided that it is necessary to study at night. Baal HaSulam always woke up at midnight and started his day. Therefore, we need to get used to studying in the dark, until darkness shines as light. Darkness will remain darkness, but it will shine to me because it is there where I will find the light of faith and then in it, the light of Hochma.

The light of Hochma, without faith, leads to darkness. If I try to add the light of faith, then I turn on the light and illuminate the darkness.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 20, “He who Hardens His Heart” (1985)

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The Only Factor That Determines Our Future

laitman_938.04Question: Which three factors out of thousands of factors in the single system determine our future?

Answer: Only one factor determines our future: the connection of people between themselves. Nature requires nothing else from us.

The fact is that we are locked in a certain system and we must bring it to balance. The closer we get to it, the more comfortable and balanced we will feel. Each of us should be interested in bringing this system to reciprocity.

We need to understand that we have no right to destroy each other because this we can disrupt the system so much that we will have to go back to the last degree and repeat the same thing again. There is nothing more problematic for us than mutual destructions, wars, and so on.

Therefore, the only factor that determines our future is reaching the correct connection between us.

Of course, many auxiliary factors are added to it such as education, upbringing, creation of what we call tens—small groups in which we can relatively quickly realize the connection between people into a correct system.

There is only one goal: to unite into one system, to mutually complement each other, where the network of connections between us becomes more important to us than ourselves.

It is in this system that the Creator is revealed—only in the connection and nowhere else.

When this system is arranged so that inside it we could feel its complete interconnection, then this mutual connection created by us will be called the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/13/19

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Bad Deeds And Spiritual Development

laitman_559Question: How do my bad deeds in corporeal life affect my spiritual life?

Answer: No deeds in corporeal life influence spirituality because they are all dictated by egoism, which is controlled from above.

The only thing that affects spirituality is how much you invest your efforts in order to connect with your friends and attain the quality of bestowal. Just this! Everything else are our toys in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/23/18

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New Life 1093 – Society As A Single Family

New Life 1093 – Society As A Single Family
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Strangers can establish a society that feels like family on the condition that they will connect to a single spiritual root. The common goal is to change human nature by bringing a good force into our lives that will balance the evil of the ego. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, if we connect, we will discover a unique power that can lead us to spiritual attainments and a higher world. A spiritual person sees everyone as integral parts of himself and relates to them with love.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1093 – Society As A Single Family,” 3/12/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/12/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati 53 “The Matter of Limitation”

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Lesson on the Topic “Awakening to the Creator’s Invitation” (Preparation for the Convention in North America Convention 2019)

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