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We are obliged to create a broad education system that will bring everyone up to a national love between us and to the whole nation, which existed 2,000 years ago. And this is our primary duty, for the success of all our undertakings will rest on this foundation.
(Baal HaSulam #quote from The Nation newspaper)

Our only hope of becoming a nation and a state is to create a system of upbringing that will bring back, by any means, our national bonds that we lost throughout 2,000 years of exile.
(Baal HaSulam, The Nation)

David Ben-Gurion: The words “love your neighbor as yourself” encompass a higher message that includes the entire ethics of this world. The state of #Israel can realize itself only if this condition is observed in all spheres of social life.

Israel is a group of people united by the upper force of mutual bestowal and therefore existing at the level of the upper world, in the property of bestowal and “love your neighbor.” If they isolate themselves from the upper force, they exist in mutual enmity—their current condition!

A people is a community of naturally connected individuals, where everyone is prepared to serve this community. Every nation feels the presence of such a connection. Except #Jews. Their task is to create this type of connection among themselves by drawing the upper light.

#Israel is man’s desire “from himself toward the Creator,” which means—toward the whole world, for the Creator’s sole desire is to fulfill the creations. Therefore, man seeks to fulfill this single desire of the Creator—to delight the creatures and by doing so he yearns for the desire to bestow through others—to the Creator.

Initially everyone depends on one another egoistically. #Independence is when everyone depends on one another the right way. Independence from others is impossible, but rising above our ego-nature, liberated from its slavery, we can acquire love for everyone—this is independence.

Initially, we all depend on each other egoistically. Independence is when we depend on each other in the right way. There is no such thing as #independence from others; but if we rise above our ego-nature, having freed ourselves from its bondage, we can start loving everyone—this is what independence is.

The world will never agree that #Israel must exist. The Creator makes it so that no-one wants to take our side. Our #independence is in the hands of an upper force. Nobody will accept us, for everyone feels that we are different. Nations would rather accept us as superior than as equal to all.

In #Israel, there is a gathering of people with different cultures from across the world, each one seeing the nascent country according to his own conception, with no natural, unifying foundation to obligate everyone to be in a single desire.
(Baal HaSulam, The Nation)
From Twitter, 5/9/19

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