My Thoughts On Twitter 5/8/19

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The people of Israel were selected as a group of people capable of being a connecting channel between the Creator and all mankind. The correction must be actualized precisely in the nations of the world, while Israel is a transition to the common correction and exists for the sake of the rest—in order to bring everyone to correction.

Independence is easy to attain: it’s when I come closer to others till the state “love the neighbor as yourself” while revealing the highest force in nature, which governs everything, and which I then govern. Then not only will I be independent, I will feel that everything depends on me.

On Israel’s #IndependenceDay, my wish for the people is: let’s try, all together, to help one another attain joy, connection, reciprocity, a good way of seeing each other, so we’ll understand that we really do depend on one another—and that is where our independence lies.

#Twitter has banned Israel’s Defense Ministry @Israel_MOD from updating its Tweets on the number of rockets fired from #Gaza—as these are supposedly “repetitive.”
In the near future, we will see growing #Antisemitism, limiting our participation in all the mass media as the Creator’s pressure to correct us.
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Let’s arrange a “truce” within the state of #Israel for a month: we will not quarrel and hate, but try to get closer. Love will protect us from enemies. Let’s recall what mothers used to tell us: “Be good children, stop fighting, be friends!” And #peace will follow!
From Twitter, 5/8/19

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