A Good Future Depends Upon Discovering The Upper Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are saying that the entire world has to reveal the upper force. What does its revelation mean?

Answer: To reveal the upper force means to identify oneself with that single force that controls all of creation. I clarify that this force embraces and fills our entire world, is everywhere, connects all parts, and according to its program, brings them together towards a goal.

Question: Physical forces reveal themselves this way. They transports objects from place to place, change states and movement. How does the upper force reveal itself?

Answer: Physical forces are also a part of the one upper force. When the upper force is revealed, I understand its program, the thought of creation, the process of development and its goal. I discover my place, my role in this program and in the entire history of humanity. I understand what I must do in order to implement my mission in the most correct and efficient way. Thereby I assure the best, most correct, and most secure existence for myself.

All of the negative pressure that we feel is designed to push us towards discovering the Creator, towards discovering the upper force, its program, process, and goal.

Question: Why are all the signs that the time has come to discover the upper force unpleasant: anti-Semitism, war, and social problems?

Answer: All of these are signs that the time has arrived for everyone. It begins with the Jews and then the rest of the nations as well. We will discover the reason for our existence, what kind of a world we exist in, for what purpose, and how to attain a good and secure life. The entire world is in a great crisis.

All of the troubles come to us from the upper force forcing us to discover it. If we turn that development in a good direction, good events will happen. If we don’t, the situation just will continue to become more severe until there are wars, really. Whether good or bad events happen depends upon us.

Question: If the upper force is approaching us, how can this cause a problem?

Answer: The upper force awakens us with all kinds of pressures and threats, calling to us to discover it. Thus, we have to understand that we will not be able to get along without it.

The people of Israel have to understand that a good future for them depends upon revealing the upper force. So, it is necessary to explain the method of revealing this upper force to everyone. For this, we need to begin getting closer to each other. In this way, we build the right network of connections between us. We create for ourselves the conditions for discovering the Creator.

Question: In what way are the people in whom the upper force is revealed differentiated?

Answer: If the people are connected, united, and linked with “and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” then the upper force will be revealed in them. However, if the people exist as they do today, we will discover states in them that are the opposite of love. This means mutual hatred and separation.

Accordingly, the negative side of the Creator, meaning His absence, becomes  revealed within us in the form of all kinds of troubles in our lives: wars, a struggle to exist, and disputes between us.

All this indicates that we lack the Creator between us. However, if we begin to connect, we will approach discovery of the Creator more and more, according to the degree of our connection and unity.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write. Preparing the People of Israel for Light” 8/20/14

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