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Joy is a testament to bestowal, faith in the Creator’s greatness. And although there are no obvious reasons to be joyful, one believes that he receives everything only from the Creator and is hence in joy, to the extent of his faith in the Creator’s good governance of the world.

At first one sees fulfillment as the goal and result of his efforts, but afterwards, when he gains awareness of the process of correction, he sees everything in the reverse manner—that precisely the yearning for the Creator is his true fulfillment, which brings him joy!

The desire to reveal the Creator is determined by the importance of maintaining joy in the group from its spiritual work and the goal. This determines the sensation of perfection (Shlemut), which determines the degree of equivalence and of the Creator’s revelation to man.

One must be joyful at all times—due to the fact that he has received, from the Creator, a yearning for Him and considers this the most important thing. Being aware of the joy creates the Kli to receive the Creator’s revelation and attain adhesion.

The nation of Israel is timeless, but the state exists only if Jews engage in unity. Hence throughout 3,500 years, we have existed as a state for 75 and 66 years. Now we exist on the condition that we create ourselves as a nation and state. If we succeed—we will continue, and if we don’t—we will drift apart once again…

Every nation has its traditions, but the nation of #Israel‘s traditions correspond to 125 spiritual degrees, which the broken souls must transverse as they reunite to attain the goal of creation—full correction.
Hence these aren’t traditions from the past, but signs of the #future correction.

Jews as a nation are disunited. Only the nations’ hatred holds them together, like nuts in a sack. Likewise, non-Jews wishing to create a group for revealing the Creator, by uniting their points in the heart and studying Kabbalah—reveal reciprocal rejection, egoism, as Jews do.

“Jew” derives from the word “la’avor“— one crossing from the egoistic existence to the altruistic sensation of the Creator, the upper governing force that one can engage. Anyone can, who has such a desire. The others await being lifted to this condition.
This is why they subconsciously feel their dependency on the #Jews.

#Antisemitism is impossible to correct! But if you correct the #Jews, make them authentic Jews, who aspire for “Love your neighbor,” then anti-Semitism will cease to exist and anti-Semites themselves will turn into Jews. After all, a true Jew is not a nationality but one who incites love of others!

Outside the spiritual path, #Jews are worse than the others because the breaking and evil manifest in them to a greater extent. This is why they succeed in our egoistic world. Yet, by exerting efforts to unite that draw the upper light, they become better than others—the light to the nations.

The level called Man (Adam) requires bonding with others, unlike the animal level, where a more advanced feels more isolated. At the animal level, separation seems as acquiring independence, while at the level of Adam it is cancellation of self and allowing others to depend on you that produce independence!

Orientalist Dr. Guy Bechor has accused liberal American #Jewish #democrats of the increasing #Antisemitism in the United States.They inspire provocations against Trump and Israel. And despite their hate for #Israel, they will flee to it from the hatred they create.
I completely agree with Dr. Behor!

All the nations have to embrace unity and love of neighbor as the foundation of the society. And this is what is called true religion. But beyond this, every nation can practice its own customs, and no-one has the right to impede their doing so. (Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation)
From Twitter, 5/11/19

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