And The Planets Appeared In The Sky

laitman_746.02Question: If the ten Sefirot correspond to the ten planets, why have we discovered only nine? Does this have a root?

Answer: The fact is that in reality there are a lot more planets in the universe. Kabbalah predicted them long ago.

In particular, The Book of Zohar writes a lot about it in different places. I was not interested in it. Although, as a child, I studied astronomy, as soon as I got close to Kabbalah, the spiritual consequences of our world stopped being of interest to me.

Question: The Torah writes: “And the planets appeared in the sky… .” What is it talking about?

Answer: The Torah does not write about the physical planets but about spiritual forces. The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are all spiritual forces and not what we can see and observe. Although we do compile the earthly calendar, one must clearly understand where it refers to the spiritual roots and where about their consequences.
From the lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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