Did You Order The Universe?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the nature of Nature? There are more than 20 constants in nature, which determine what can exist and how. If the fundamental forces of nature were a little stronger or weaker, there would be no planets, stars, galaxies, or life—the universe would not exist.

Balance in Nature, established due to the operation of fundamental laws, is very fragile. A little malfunction—and life on Earth will cease to exist, and the universe would fall apart. We are forced to admit that life is the result of a very unique set of circumstances.

The probability of the emergence of the universe that can support life is 1:10000, but the chain of coincidences needed for the appearance of life is surprising and alarming. It is as if the universe was created to develop intelligent life forms in it. Do we live in the universe created specifically for us?

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  1. Alternatively, one could imagine that there are an infinite number of other universes of different kinds, and this one, happens to be the one where life can exist, and thus we exist here.

    It is pretty nifty though, such a thing seems impossible, but looking at how huge the universe is, like huge huge huge, it makes sense that eventually life would occur.

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