Pharaoh And The Group

laitman_528_02Question: We discussed the point that Pharaoh is the force that keeps us apart in the group, that he is the cause of our being divided and of all the quarrels between us. Pharaoh is a force of nature.

How can we actually work with this force in the group? How can we work with such powerful forces? What can we do with them and what can’t we do?

Answer: Pharaoh, egoism, stands in your way when you want to get closer to each other. You have to get closer to each other to start feeling it. First you will feel that he is the good Pharaoh, the seven years of satiety, and then the evil Pharaoh, the seven years of hunger, at the end of which the ten plagues attack the egoism, by which you will be thrown out of egoism so you come out of Egypt. All the work is only to get closer together over all the disturbances.

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