What Remains After Life?

Laitman_709Question: If a person wants to fundamentally “cleanse” his personal life, what is considered the “garbage” of life?

Answer: A person must reach the end of his life with having created connections with other people, connection through which the Creator is discovered. This is the only thing that remains after life and all the rest is total “garbage”!

Unfortunately, almost all live their lives in vain, except those who in time come to the wisdom of Kabbalah and properly implement it.

Question: So what does a person establish a family for?

Answer: If a person is living to attain the meaning of existence, which is to discover the Creator in this life, then all of his actions are justified and in the right direction.

The revelation of the Creator to the creatures is attainment of the entire system of creation, the system of management in our world and all the other worlds.  A man discovers a huge “computer” and acts in its intelligence, and is connected to and fully identified with it. He completely understands this intelligence, is connected with it, and begins to manage it.

Everyone must reach this state, as it is said, “My children have won” (Baba Metzia 59a). We must acquire this higher intelligence and it can be done during our lives. I invite you!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/10/16

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  1. “So what does a person establish a family for?”

    Nice article. It would be nice to add, as has been discussed in previous articles in this blog, that a.) The family (and especially the extended family) is an ideal starting ground to study these concepts. One can learn an awfully lot about ones ego in the intracacies of day to day dealings among close individuals. One can also learn a whole lot about how their own energy and actions affect those around them.

    The “ideal” family is of course one in which everyone “gets it”. In the end however, it is true that attempting to rise above ones ego, not stupidly, but correctly, may be as close as many of us get to attainment. Therefore, take care of your families, and your friends, try to make the correct choices, love your children and grandchildren, and after learning from this try to extend it further….not such an easy task in the end….but a worthwhile and interesting one…

  2. P.S. Sorry on a roll today. However the title of this article was “What Remains After Life” It would be lovely to see that question discussed in this blog as the question really in many minds is the following:

    If the body and the physical reality we all see is an illusion, what is the point of this existence? Why not be a table or a tree or a cow? What part in the whole scheme of things do each of us play? Who or what are we working for? Where does it go? What remains of this identity we think of as ourselves after death? Does it progress from what has been learned and experienced? If it is nothing why not just have a good time and forget everything else?

    What is conciousness and does it continue to develp as an integral part of this personality we associate ourselves with through our development in this life and further lives…or does it just dissapear with death to become part of a “whole experience”of something else we do not understand?

    In such books as “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” the quantum physics of oneness can somewhat be understood and felt. It is still very difficult however to separate oneself from what is apparent reality and move on to actually feeling this…it must require experimentation and very, very…certainly knowledge of what one is attempting to do. One without the other would be useless.

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