Has The Time Come To Legalize Prostitution?

Laitman_630_2Comment: In Britain there are close to 70,000 prostitutes who earn up to 2,000 pounds per week. The members of the Internal Affairs Committee of the National Parliament proposed making prostitution legal and not pursue prostitutes from a criminal aspect. They justify this with the claim that many are single mothers and are women who have been forced into the profession of prostitution to feed themselves.

Answer: Prostitution is the oldest profession that has existed at all times and in all nations. So it is pointless to fight it, but it is necessary to put it into a framework that is more or less decent so that families will not be destroyed. There are those who say that if the profession of prostitution is legalized, the family will not break up because a prostitute doesn’t try to “get involved” with the man and take him away from his wife for herself.

Prostitution is not the biggest problem of society. Sex is a natural need that is naturally awakened in a person. We cannot suppress it. So it is up to us to find a suitable outlet for the release of that sexual energy that grips young people and doesn’t let them live normally.

When hormones are “raging” in youth, they cannot learn and interact normally among them. Everything revolves around sex for them. So I would approach this question with compassion and kindness, humanely, and I would make it possible for men, youngsters, and teenagers to reduce the “pressure” when needed, but that it would not go beyond certain limits and take on ugly forms.

Today, both young men and women are not in a hurry to get married. So until they want to establish a family, they should have such possibilities to live in peace, develop, learn, and acquire a profession, in short, to go in accordance with nature.

I cannot imagine what would happen if we were living today in the conditions of ancient society and people did not want to communicate with each other, get married, or start a family . After all, starting from the ages of 12-13, the hormones begin to rage in them so they do not understand what is happening to them, so much it captures their hearts and minds.

So the best thing is to find simple and wise laws. It is of course necessary to explain and show practically that sexual attraction between people and the right mutual connection must be based upon understanding and mutual respect so that the person becomes dear and close to you for serious reasons and not just because a short sexual connection happened with them connecting them with reluctance.

It is necessary to differentiate between sex and the right mutual connection. In any case, life is moving toward this situation to show us that these two fundamental phenomena in our lives are not connected with each other. On the one hand, love, attraction, respect, and habit; on the other hand, there is the administration of sexual needs.

Just as with older couples who have lived together all of their lives, characterized by habit, understanding, and mutual dependence, so this is necessary even at a young age. This is because when there is more connection between us, we understand the dependence that there is between us and we feel loyalty to the family and children. So emphasis should be placed specifically on education. I believe that it is necessary to work with psychologists and experts on family matters. But there is a need for fundamentally changing relationships. Only then will mutual cooperation between people look different.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/3/16

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