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Laitman_633_3Question: In the Netherlands it is officially allowed to pay for various services through sexual relations. For example, payment for driving lessons through sexual relations is not considered to be prostitution.

This was confirmed by Minister of Transport and the Minister of Justice at a meeting in parliament. They believe that it is the same as that of barter: quid pro quo.

Answer: I like that they have stopped connecting sexual relations with love because sex has no connection to love.

Love is a personal emotion that is derived from connection with another person, from how much good they do in regard to each other, as much as they have gotten used to and connected with each other. It is the same way that a dog loves his master, and the master loves his dog.

In fact, love is a state where you feel the desire of another person, no matter if this is a stranger or a relative, and you want to fulfill this desire. In this, there is no connection to the sex of the person. It could be a person or a beast; it makes no difference. You simply do what this creature wants, whereas in sex you are concerned about fulfilling your own personal desires, sexual desires. Just as we want to eat, to sleep, to walk around, to see something interesting, so we also want to satisfy our sexual desires.

Does a deep relationship exist with each other in this? This is a question.

Much of this, of course comes from human culture that has developed over the past thousand years. It is very much connected to the continuation of the species, a desire for my children, my progeny, as with animals. For example, when a lion meets a lioness that already has small cubs, he kills her cubs and lives with her. He wants to produce his own progeny with her.

This is talking about the satisfaction of normal carnal desires, which the wisdom of Kabbalah calls material desire. It is associated with the continuation of the species. I am used to a particular body and satisfy myself through it, whereas it could be that another body would not give me such states.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of corporeal conditions between people: habit, feelings of pleasure, etc. If something gives me pleasure, then I begin to be concerned about this object, how I could enjoy it in a few hours or days. All of these are purely egoistic thoughts. There is nothing else here.

However, in addition, we constantly are developing egoistically, so sex becomes something abstract for us. Today, there are many other possibilities for sexual satisfaction: movies, pills, and all kinds of mechanisms. Humanity is very resourceful and in order to enjoy itself, it doesn’t stop at anything.

Prostitution is the oldest profession. Among other things, it is legal in the Netherlands. But it is desirable to take a closer look at these issues. So, if it is possible to pay with sexual relations in exchange for anything, then a teacher will demand payment from students for good grades.

Question: According to what the Ministers of Transport and Justice say, in kind payment for driving lessons is not prostitution. However, the opposite offer of sex in exchange for a driving lesson is considered to be an offense. In other words, a lesson in exchange for sex is a legal transaction, and sex for a lesson is illegal commerce with the body.

Answer: Well, somehow they would reach an agreement between them. We are entering into an era where, instead of pocket money, we will have the body and that’s all. Nothing more will be needed. In a few more decades, this will be accepted by everyone quietly and calmly.

Question: You look at the world and it truly is becoming unhinged. Where are we going?

Answer: It is interesting to watch how the world is changing is transforming. Everything is advancing according to the program of creation that must be implemented.

The question is how much a foolish humanity still will need to tolerate to understand that it is necessary to proceed according to the right connection with nature, resembling it, when all of nature is mutually connected with itself.

If the right connection is found between us, then the right connection with nature also will be found on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, and we will create a single and shared whole. Within it, we can discover the higher power that created and manages everything. Then, we can see a bright future for us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/20/15

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