Is Everything In Vain?

laitman_627_1Question: Mankind has made impressive achievements, they have discovered continents, developed transport by air, sea, and land, and they have reached Antarctica and flown to the moon. What is the benefit of all of this development?

Answer: Nothing has been done in vain. All the achievements of humanity have been necessary so that human beings will understand that their development is not in this.

We have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, but it has been insignificant relative to spirituality because it is not at all the evolution through which we will later grow but only a negation of physical existence.

We must be within this physical “point.” The sense of our universe and everything that came after the “Big Bang” is basically just a small black dot that exists so that it will be known that within it nothing is found, whereas evolution must go beyond the limitations of that point. And then humanity begins to go out to the upper world.

When a person looks from a different perspective, he sees a small black dot that is finally beginning to evolve in the right direction, precisely by negating its material existence.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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  1. Yes i think it is in vain.

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