“Germans Do Not Believe That There Is Freedom Of The Press”

laitman_431_04In the News (rg-rb.de): “The majority of people in Germany believe the domestic media is controlled: against the background of the crises of recent years, ‘the fourth power’ has become a support tool of the elite to impose the desired opinions on the citizens.

“A representative sociological survey conducted on the eve of World Press Freedom Day (3 May) … makes it clear: the people of Germany do not believe in the independence of the media. Six out of ten respondents believe that the German news media are controlled and supported by the establishment. On the news, you can influence – both in their content and in the form of feed materials, according to respondents. …

“’The dark forces controlling the media—more than half (54%) of Germans believe it is controlled by politicians and big business (the lobbyists and pressure from advertising clients). More than half of respondents believe that the news media in Germany controlled by the state, the government, corporations, and influential stakeholder groups. …Sociologists note dissatisfaction with the political, economic elites and distrust toward them is rooted in German society as a result of crises in recent years.”

My Comment: In the developed egoistic world it cannot be otherwise! If the media are a tool for control over people, then how is it possible to leave them unmanaged?! Unmanaged, unpaid for communications media does not exist. That is how it is in every nation. The dependence of the media will disappear only with the disappearance of egoistic dependence between people, with the transition to a new society.

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