Why Should We Resurrect The Dead?

laitman_547_04Comment: American bio-technologists are studying how to resurrect people who have died. It refers to people who are brain dead but whose internal organs are still functioning. It is possible to revive a person who is a vegetative state and to bring him back to life. Such experiments will now be performed on human beings and substantial funding has been allocated for this research.

Answer: The whole point is that they are working for the funding since otherwise they will have nothing to do. The question is what for?! According to Judaism when a person dies you should call the funeral home to bury the body in the ground as soon as possible. He doesn’t feel anything anymore anyway; he is dead, so why should he be resurrected?! When the brain dies it is actually complete death. After that a person will never be the same but can be like a robot or a zombie.

If the brain is dead nothing can be done, the body will move automatically, but it will not be a human being anymore since the neurons die first. I believe that such resurrection of the dead makes no sense at all. We have recently spoken about the fact that people will live to be 150 or even 200, but what’s the point? Is it only because of the fear of death that we postpone it?! I am for the natural course of events.

Comment: But we still need to maintain the life of a person who is brain dead and who is in coma for a long time.

Answer: I don’t think this is necessary. Everything should happen naturally. What is the point of connecting a person to instruments that keep his organs alive? This isn’t the normal functioning of the body since a person doesn’t connect to the external world this way, so what is the point in that?

Question: Do you mean that it is all done mainly in order to attain funding?

Answer: Of course! Science is holding onto and relying on funding. Otherwise what will scientists do? We should eventually realize that we cannot defeat the natural flow of life. We will only find out that we have to live under natural conditions since this is what our body was created for. No one will gain from extending our life expectancy. It is a finite process in any case, since the future holds different kinds of life for us, which are much better than the worst of all the worlds.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/25/16

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  1. If we come back in a different body after death, why is the population growing?

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