Behind The Scenes Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

laitman_228Question: Why doesn’t the wisdom of Kabbalah save the Palestinians? Why do the Israelis, who are supposed to show the world a model of morality, world suppress the Palestinians?

Answer: First of all, the wisdom of Kabbalah is not meant to save anyone. It is designed to teach people the correct relationships between them, and then the whole world will be saved. Secondly, I don’t think that the Jews suppress the Arabs. I have been living in Israel for over forty years and I believe that it is impossible to coexist in peace if the whole world engages only in provoking the clash between these two nations.

Today, I can say only one thing: no country in the world besides Israel cares about peace with the Palestinians, none. They all benefit from the fact that someone else risks himself for them.

Question: Most genetic research shows a great similarity between the genes of the Jews and the Palestinians. Both belong to the Semitic race but simply have different religions. Are there any real genetic differences between the Jews and the Palestinians?

Answer: The people who are called Philistine*[1]/ Palestinians became extinct 3,300 years ago. Therefore Palestinian is not a nationality whereas Arab, French, German, etc. are nationalities. This nation does not exist today, and if people are born in the small region close to the sea once called Palestine, it doesn’t mean that they are Palestinians.

If humanity worries about the future, there is no point provoking the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews. Unfortunately no one really cares about establishing real peace. Everyone thinks only about how they can profit from this conflict, and thus entice the two nations against one another. Moreover, they take advantage of this situation in their own countries for purely political purposes, like France has been doing lately.

Question: If that’s the case, how can we establish peace?

Answer: There is no way we can do it unless the Jews themselves restore it. It is actually the Jews who can do it, not the way the world thinks, but by uniting and showing humanity the great force that is revealed when this unity manifests in the world. The key to happiness is only in the hands of the Jews!

[1] Palestina is the name of the entire Holy Land. It is the Hebrew version of the name of the non-Hebrew name Palestine, which has been commonly used for ages, while “Falestine” is an Arab term rooted in the Arabic being.
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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