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laitman_557The Book of Zohar, “Tazria,” Item 23: “If a woman inseminates, she delivers a male child.” The woman, Malchut, delivers the souls, and delivers a male child. It is not included of male and female, as it is usually when the souls are born male and female, since through the sins of the lower ones, they cause the souls to not join male and female in Malchut, as they emerge above, in couples—male and female. This is why it is written, “She delivers a male child,” since what appears to this world is only a male, who is not included with a female.

The male and the female elements in the spiritual world are the attribute of bestowal and the attribute of receiving and they are in the correct states. They are mutually connected and they complement each other, which means that they inseminate and give birth to new life by the connection of the right and the left lines. But since the conception and the birth do not occur simultaneously, the correction is performed alternately.

This is the reason that the woman gives birth both to the male part and to the female part.

A woman is the upper level that absorbs the Reshimot (the spiritual genes) and develops them inside her. This is how the soul is born, but only if our body, which means our desires, and our intentions accompany the whole spiritual process.

Human beings in our world do not have a soul on the corporeal level, which is an animate entity. If we want to possess something human, we need to develop our soul, and then we can be called Adam, human.

There are Reshimot (spiritual genes) in each of us and we can assist their nine months intrauterine development inside Malchut by raising our desires and our wishes to that level and by doing everything so that the Reshimot should develop properly. At the end of what we call a spiritual period of nine months, nine consecutive processes that they undergo, the soul is created in them.

Therefore, we should exist on the animate, corporeal level the same way nature, history, society, etc. obliges us to function and we should focus everything else above that in order to develop the Reshimot.

Question: The male and the female elements in the spiritual world are connected while in our world everything is shattered, divided and born separately. Does that mean that we have to connect the two elements and restore the spiritual state?

Answer: All the spiritual forces are aimed at that in order to fulfill every person’s spiritual Reshimo and to create one whole body, one unique soul from them. There are no divisions in it and by itself it resembles the Creator!

There are no concepts like a female soul or a male soul in the upper world since there is perfect harmony there and mutual complement.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/12/14

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