Who Will The People Follow?

laitman_556The MidrashBeShalach”: Moses began to pray, and the Creator opened the heavens. The enlightenment came down upon the nation of Israel, and they saw an army of angels by their side. Moses continued to pray, but the Creator said to him, “This is not the time for prolonged prayers. My children are experiencing a critical moment. You don’t have to turn your voice to Me since the prayers of my sons come before yours, and I hear them. Tell them to go into the sea, and I will perform miracles for them!”

Comment: The matter is that, if you want to invite the upper bestowal, you must request it from your level, and only after that will the Creator begin to act.

Answer: In the beginning, it needs to be an awakening from below, and then, according to this, will come the awakening from above.

But the people are led and instructed by spiritual leaders that show it the correct way. Without them we wouldn’t know what to do so we need to listen to the spiritual teachers and carry out whatever we are told.

Today leaders and politicians are completely dependent on the people. If the people so desire, then they would do anything they want with the people. Thus, the main thing for the leaders of today is not to give the people this opportunity. They try through all means to suppress the desire that awakens in them, to block and quiet their ambitions.

However, very slowly, the wise ones will replace the politicians; the time of the revival of the Sanhedrin when the wise ones will decide together and, from within their unity, will come one, complete whole.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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