Epilogue To The Holocaust Memorial Day, Part 7

400The book Siah Yitzhak, Part 2, Collection 1: The essence of creation and choice, and correction, and damage in the world—all this depends on Israel.

This is indeed so because Israel includes two forces of nature: the desire to enjoy and the spark of light. And that is why only they can reach contact with the light and extend the light to the other nations.

Israel are those in whom the sparks of light appeared in Ancient Babylon and those in whom these sparks become apparent only now. The spark can awaken in anyone, in the representative of any nation, as it was once with the Babylonians, and he or she will join this process too.

All the nations of the world depend on Israel, and they have to help the Jews in order to not just hate them for no reason, but so they push them toward correction. As the prophet Isaiah said, the nations of the world will bring the sons of Israel on their shoulders to build the Temple. In this way, the nations of the world force Israel to begin correction, showing that this is what they expect from them.

Imagine the UN suddenly decided to issue sanctions against Israel for not starting correction, that is, the people of Israel do not unite according to the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah, do not teach it to others, and do not show an example. If we were united, we would be treated well, and if not, we would be pressured until we have no choice but to make corrections. How would such an attitude help us?

Why is it not happening? Because all the nations are still unaware of the method of Kabbalah, including the people of Israel. That is why no one, except Kabbalists, understands what is happening. The world must know what the law of development means, what we should do, and in what order the process of correction is accomplished.

This process begins with the head, with Kabbalists, then passes on to all Jews, and then to the whole world. Everyone who can do it, joins this work; there is a place for everyone. Our time requires the world to move forward to correction; otherwise, we will find ourselves in a much harder situation than 70 to 80 years ago at the time of the Holocaust.

It is known that the Jews did not notice the threat then and did not take the opportunity to change their destiny and leave Europe. At first they even supported Hitler’s coming to power. And today, they support Obama and protest against Donald Trump, although it is obvious which of the two is against the state of Israel and who is “for” it.

These are the signals of the approaching Holocaust. Therefore, it is more important for us not to think about what happened, but to look forward and think about what we need to do so that it does not happen again. Only if all Jews unite can we save ourselves. We should cry not about the Holocaust, but about the fact that we are so stiff-necked that we cannot listen to Kabbalists’ warnings and prevent the new Holocaust.

And it will certainly come, if we do not trigger forces of mercy against forces of justice; that is, if we do not oppose hatred by unity. Now hatred and separation between Jews is stronger than in any other nation. If American Jews, both the supporters of Donald Trump and his opponents, would unite, they would come to correction.

So by the end of the Holocaust Memorial Day, everyone has to come out with one heavy thought and one concern of the heart: How can I prevent the Holocaust of my people and the world? This can be done only through connection between us, by becoming one person with one heart in mutual bestowal, so that love will cover all crimes. We have to care only that love rises above all obstacles. And then the power of unity will “spill” from the people of Israel to the whole world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/17, Lesson on Topic: “Holocaust Memorial Day”

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