How Does A Real Life Begin?

laitman_608_02Question: We see the world as if inside ourselves and try to satisfy our desires, but outside of us we see nothing because it seems to us that these are other people’s desires. Will Kabbalah make us feel the entire world as our own desires?

Answer: Yes, it will. Moreover, the desires that come to us as if from outside will be more meaningful to us than those that we feel inside.

You will begin to feel the desires of other people more than your own. And you will feel yourself only to the extent that it is necessary. You will be soaring, not feeling yourself. And when you think: “What can I give them?”—then you will return to yourself and begin to search inside for what you can do for them.

Question: There are billions of people around a Kabbalist. Does he only think: “What can I bestow?”

Answer: But in this measure he feels how the Light, the Creator, flows through him. He is the conductor connecting the Creator with each of the humans. They do not feel it, but he does.

Question: How can you make yourself feel others as your own desires and even more?

Answer: You must ask for it. This is the beginning of a real life.

You enjoy the fact that you transfer the idea of ​​the Creator to everyone; you are His conductor. Therefore, you adhere to Him, becoming an instrument in His hands. The Creator is inclusive in Himself. But thanks to you, He can reach every creature.

Adhesion with the Creator is all the gain, the reward, the tribute.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/17/17

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