Anyone Can Receive, And To Bestow?

laitman_608_02Question: What does it mean to perceive what is external to you?

Answer: Our desire is actually neutral. It can be used for your own benefit or for the benefit of others. It all depends on what a person wants: to bestow or to receive.

If I want to receive, the desire is called a corporeal desire and I feel this world; if I want to bestow, to give, the desire is called a spiritual desire, and then I feel that I am in the upper world.


The point is that anyone can receive, but you need to know how to be able to bestow. “Kabbalah,” although this translates to  “receive” in Hebrew, it is actually the science of bestowal. Therefore, it is built on the quality of bestowal and its main law is love.

Love is filling the desires of other people, which unfortunately does not exist in our world.

Most importantly, if I can bestow unto someone, I can help him attain the upper world. In other words, our bestowal to the world comes down to disseminating this method, because it is only by this method that a person can reach a comfortable, true, eternal, and perfect state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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