My Thoughts On Twitter 5/19/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Faith above reason can only be in the place of contradiction of the Upper governance. I have to accept everything as the highest good, despite my feelings or understanding! And this contradiction remains, otherwise there will be no difference between man and the Creator, and man will no longer feel himself or attain the Creator.

The warm and vibrant nature of Latin America never slowed down as we dined, sang and danced together. I can only praise all the students and give them douze points for unity!

Together we learned how to connect above our differences, and the connection was felt everywhere. Many more students and friends from around the world connected virtually, and the density of connected hearts was so powerful that it became truly spiritual.

Over the weekend, while Israel and European countries were glued to the #Eurovision contest, I was on the other side of the globe—in Monterrey, Mexico. My students and friends from all over the Latin continent gathered in this special region for the World #Kabbalah #Convention.

From Twitter, 5/19/19

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