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laitman_280.01It is written in The Book of Zohar, “VaYechi” 116-117: “Divinity is present only in a whole place, and not in a deficient place or a flawed place or a place of sadness, but in a proper place—a place of joy.”

“Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with singing.” There is no service of the Creator unless out of joy.”

We need to carefully remember these words. A sad person cannot reveal the Creator, cannot connect with friends. It is impossible. Only in joy can one achieve connection and unification.

Everything that leads to unity and filling with light in itself causes joy. It is also necessary to approach it in gladness. After all, “Joy is a reflection of good deeds,” the connection into which the light comes and fills it.

In everyday life it happens the same way; when we meet someone we love, we do not cry and mourn. Only if we hate and cannot stand something do we grieve and suffer. Therefore, checking the correctness of our actions is very simple: is there joy in us?

Of course, this is not the only criterion, because you can commit a crime and viciously rejoice. Joy, however, is a necessary sign of proper spiritual work. If I am joyful, it means that I have already fulfilled one of the conditions for finding the right path.

Good deeds cause joy even when you do not expect it. If I have helped a created being to advance in correction, then there must be joy. As with the friction of two objects heat invariably arises, so is the correct action, correcting the creation, always accompanied by joy. This is a mandatory consequence.

Therefore, it is necessary to start the action of correction with joy, and then check whether it really contributed to correction by whether it caused joy. That is, joy should be both at the entrance and at the exit.

The same check is valid for a group, a ten. We always need to check whether working with friends makes us happy. It is written that “the Torah brings joy.” If we act toward correction, then we must be happy. Joy will radiate from our good deeds.

It is necessary to try to constantly maintain such an inner joy from being in a good world where only the power of the Creator, the good and the Creator of good, rules. The Creator wants all creatures to be joyful and happy, and all the flaws are the result of our laziness, unwillingness to do our work. But in reality, the world should be full of joy, warmth, and love.
From the Lesson 7 of the World Kabbalah Convention “Day Two” – 2/20/19, “Serve the Creator with Gladness”

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