How Should One Read Books Of Kabbalah?

laitman_209Question: How do reading books like, The Book of Zohar and the Shamati articles influence a person and how can we read them correctly, with what intention? What must we want?

Answer: We must read with an intention to achieve the purpose of life, resemblance to the Creator, the characteristic of absolute love. That is what the first articles of Rabash talk about.

Question: When reading the Shamati articles, is it enough to want to feel the hidden meanings of the text so that the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light)  will influence the reader?

Answer: This is enough, but this is possible only on condition that the person participates in the practical realization of the text within a group.

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  1. i didnt understand that. it doesnt feel that way to me. what group? where is that group? are they living group? do those living groups really think they are group or it is possible to parcipate them?

  2. how do we feel extreme danger and why?

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