My Thoughts On Twitter 1/23/20

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Unity of people is the vessel in which the Creator is revealed. The proper unification, where every person cares for the rest—is the only “idol” we are allowed to build in order for the upper spirit that fills the group, the ten Sefirot, to enter it.

My goal is the Creator; I want to care for Him the way He cares for me. But I have nothing that I can grasp since I don’t know who the Creator is, and I can fantasize about Him and build idols—that is what Abraham did. But then he realized that he could not reach the revelation of the upper force in this way.

The Creator clothes into my care for the friends, the ten. I cannot build a relationship with Him directly, but if I care for the friends, the Creator clothes into that care. I have practical work, which I can carry out and allow the Creator to clothe into it.

The Creator is concealed—He is like an impression inside our spiritual vessel, the ten. By wishing to bring joy to the friends, in order to thereby give pleasure to the Creator, I rise above self-care—all my care is transferred to the Creator. Care for the friends is the vessel (Kli), clothing over care for the Creator.

We cannot attain equivalence with the Creator by aiming at Him alone. It is rather by setting our perception toward mutual love in a ten that we aim ourselves at the Creator. Love for the Creator is realized and dwells within love for the creatures. This is the form in which I attain a connection with the Creator.

The system weighs out to each person according to the readiness of his soul. The Creator is a system, not an old man making a calculation for every person. Everything is wound up from the end to the beginning and therefore everything proceeds according to plan. At the same time, notwithstanding the plan, every person must strive to implement it on his own.
From Twitter, 1/23/20

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