My Thoughts On Twitter 1/29/20

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According to a poll of 4 mln people by the Univ. of Cambridge’s Centre for the Future of Democracy: democracy is ill, not coping with the main problems of our time, its efficiency and hence popularity has fallen. Egoism has exhausted all its forms, although it can repeat. The solution is to transition to altruism.

Similar to the Greeks who did so with mythology, the Romans turned Kabbalah into religion with elements of the earthly world, physical observance, for the sake of egoistic reward. All of this is a reflection of Kabbalah, spiritual actions, in the #egoism of our world.

The ancient Greeks adopted the Jews’ concepts of divine forces and began depicting them as statues and mythology. Ever since they parted ways with the ancient Jews, they have not invented anything else. All of their wealth lies in the past contact with the Jews. Having taken Kabbalah’s beginnings, they translated them into the language of our world.

Quran: “The Almighty needs no helpers.” This is correct since man takes no part in the right and left lines. Man’s participation is expressed in realizing the right and left lines, building a middle line out of them—in ascending to the degree of partnership with the Creator, becoming the same as Him.

#Peace between Israel and Arabs doesn’t depend on #Trump, but on the nation of #Israel. Israel’s mission is: in its unity, to connect all the parts of humanity’s common soul with the Creator. Israel’s prayer for connection of opposing forces will bring peace to the whole world.

With the new wave of #Antisemitism in the world, articles about its “causes” are appearing. The causes are silly: as if people hate Jews out of envy. But during times when the Jews were downtrodden, during pogroms and murders, the hatred was just as great. The real cause of the hatred lies in the inner sensation that the nations are dependent on the #Jews!

The light always appears only from the darkness (confusion weakness, anger, despair). And the greater the darkness, the greater is the expression of the light (clarity, energy, understanding). The group: how can we never forget about this?
How can we always stay connected with each other and with the Creator?
From Twitter, 1/29/20

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