The Jewish Choice: Unity Or Anti-Semitism—What We Should Learn From History

Dr Michael LaitmanWe have all studied history in school and have heard about what happened in the past. But now we are learning about the inner mechanism: why did things happen, who put history in motion and for what reasons, and what we can do to go along with history and with the system of nature—the Creator. Because disasters happen due to our inadequate involvement. This is what history teaches us.

It is written that “the deeds of the fathers will become a sign for the sons,” so today we must scrutinize why we behaved incorrectly and how we could have changed history if we had acted differently. We can change our fate to benefit ourselves, the world, and the upper force—this is the purpose of our studying.

This is not just a history lesson we used to have at school but a different way of understanding why the governance comes down in such a way and how to respond to it correctly. If we would be able to generate the right response today, which nature is obliging us to do, we would be able to achieve the most positive results.

The whole process is predetermined from the beginning to the end and there is only one line meant to bring the whole egoistic desire, the whole corporeal nature, to the spiritual, perfect, corrected degree. This makes everything that is happening clear. If we reflect on historical occurrences along this path, on what took place, we will see that in each case, our incorrect response has led to catastrophic consequences for us.

The supreme force of nature is spinning the flywheel of history and as far as nature is concerned, we are all equal and must reach the same goal whether we want to or not.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/20,” The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism
Minute 21:56

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