African Unity—The Key To Their Real Freedom

laitman_962.5Egypt, the land of slavery for the people of Israel, is located in Africa. Africa is the birthplace of Pharaoh, global egoism. 400 years of Egyptian exile enabled the people of Israel to receive the Torah and to reveal the Creator. Therefore, all the nations that developed in Africa and became enslaved no longer to Pharaoh, like the Jews, but to the European nations in America, are more prepared for the correction of the soul. I hope that soon we will see that people in Africa are more receptive to the method of Kabbalah.1

The whole of humanity needs the science of Kabbalah in order to reveal the upper force. Thus, all of human development has been accompanied by problems, disasters, plagues, and wars all in order to force a person to think about the meaning of his life—what are we living for? Humanity could find no answer to this question until the science of Kabbalah became revealed and provides the answer that the moment we attain the upper force which controls our whole life, we realize what we live for and what the essence of our life is.

The question is how to reveal this single upper force that governs the universe. We have no means of changing our lives except with the help of the upper force. The moment we reveal the upper force, we receive the answers to our questions. This is the uniqueness of the science of Kabbalah, the method of revealing the upper force, which gives the answers to everything.2

The consequences of European colonization are still felt in Europe. Slavery has been long abolished, but European countries still try to use the natural and human resources in Africa and ignite conflicts there by selling them weapons and facilitating emigration. This is a difficult issue for Africa, but I feel that Africans will eventually understand that only through unity of all can they achieve the upper force. Then they will feel free rather than oppressed as they do to this day.

This solution for Africa can only come from the science of Kabbalah and nothing else. The genuine freedom of Africa is impossible without the sensation of spiritual freedom. After all, the African nations have always had financial independence, but European and other countries from all over the world have always meddled in their lives. Nothing will help until the Africans feel genuine, spiritual freedom.

They will then have the power to resist those who are trying to influence them, and will be able to feel inner freedom not just from the Europeans, but from all external powers, from philosophies foreign to Africa.

It is impossible to achieve freedom before establishing connection with the Creator. Until then, it will only be imaginary, material freedom. We can call the African nations free even now since there are no slaves there, but they are still being exploited, used in all sorts of ways. It happens all over the world as each country wants to use the other and squeeze all the natural resources out of it.

In this regard, African countries are no different from other states. Anyone who wants to become independent nowadays must reach closer, correct connection with the Creator. Freedom in the upper world will bring us freedom in this world because this is not just spiritual, forces are projected down upon us allowing us to stand up against everyone. Then, nobody will be able to hurt us.

It is enough to look at the people of Israel and their path. Various nations tried to oppress and destroy them throughout history from Pharaoh onward. But no one succeeded in ruling over the people of Israel, not Pharaoh, the German Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian Tzar, etc. This is because Jews have a connection with the upper force. I advise the same for the African nations: to receive the same support from above and then nobody will be able to harm them.

There are many different religions in Africa, but the science of Kabbalah contradicts none of them; it only explains how to achieve connection with the upper force, which is above all faiths and religions, through unity. Such unity, which existed a long time ago among the people of Israel, kept the nation together to this day and disallowed their becoming slaves to any nation.3
From the African Virtual Congress 1/18/20, The Importance of Society, Lesson 1
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