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A person must reach complete despair in his own forces. But this despair is precisely in himself and not in the path or the goal. The right state is when I don’t sway to the left or the right—I aspire only to the Creator’s greatness in order to attribute myself to Him.

One must be ready for polar states in order to exist in the spiritual world. It’s important to pay attention to the central point in order to maintain balance, independence, when I am not drawn to the side of good nor to the side of evil—but only to the Creator’s greatness.

The entrance to the spiritual world is unusual. It’s as if a person is being let inside, but he refuses. He examines how much does he desire spirituality. There are sometimes moments in the study when the entrance opens up to a person, but he does not wish to enter, and the Creator then has to draw him in…

A person should be grateful for the bad more than for the good, and have an equal attitude to good and bad. He will then be above the restriction, in the middle line, which does not depend on anything, and he will therefore be able to rise above his nature and be free.

Rabash: in our work we must go till the very end and then a bit more. This “a bit more” is a problem. Because you are sure that you have reached the end and you don’t believe that any more is possible. Egoism always stops us half a step to the finish line. We must try to add that half step.

We mustn’t wait for mercy from the Creator. One who works for the Creator is one who works in the place where the Creator does not awaken him or provide any stimuli—he looks for ways to add efforts on his own, like an old man looking for something he’s lost even before he has lost it.

We ask the Creator to work upon us. May He effect changes within us—implant the quality of bestowal in us, develop and teach us how to be equal to Him. We want to be the clay in the Artist’s hands—may He sculpt His likeness from us.
From Twitter, 2/16/20

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