The Uniqueness Of The Force Governing Us, Part 2

laitman_537The Creator’s Theater

Baal HaSulam’s article, Shamati 1, “There is None Else Besides Him”: This is deemed a correction called “the left rejects and the right pulls closer,” meaning that what the left rejects is considered a correction.

“The left rejects” means rejection, that is, hiding the Creator when we become uncertain about Him. We begin to think that there are other forces opposite of Him.

It seems to us that there is either ditheism, i.e., a bad Creator and a good one, one against the other, because we perceive the world as such, or polytheism, i.e., many forces in the world that are in opposing relationships. This is all conceived and done on purpose.

This means that there are things in the world that, to begin with, aim to divert a person from the right way, and by which he is rejected from Kedusha [holiness]. There are specifically forces, phenomena, and actions that arise which are initially placed before a person with the intention of driving a person astray, pushing one away from striving for the Creator, throwing a person from the thought that only one force, only one Creator, acts on him.

Thus, these rejections help a person because with their help one receives a need, a complete desire for the Creator to help him reveal Himself. Otherwise, he couldn’t have defined himself in any way in this world.

With that, a person wants to understand who controls it, who determines his thoughts, actions, and everything that happened in the past, that is happening in the present, and that will happen in the future. On one hand, it is clear that this is accomplished under the influence of a single force of nature.

On the other hand, this force constantly twists and lures us into various circumstances, and we attribute everything that happens to other people, events, and various authorities, as if they independently control both the world and our life.

Thus, I stray from the definition of the uniqueness of the Creator’s governance. I cannot maintain the fact that only one single force controls me like that; I see contradictions in this control all the time.

Why does the Creator do this? It is so that in all these contradictions we could discover Him by our own will, despite the fact that I suddenly fall under the power of the police, the state, relatives, family, and children. My friends influence me, and suddenly someone else also does.

In fact, I must clearly determine that I am only in the field of the Creator, and there is no one else who controls me, introduces and withdraws me from all these states, and substitutes various other sources of influence upon me.

At every second, I must be directed through all supposedly earthly sources toward Him and clearly know that He is doing everything through his puppets, my family, friends, enemies, and even politicians. The whole picture that I see in front of me and call “this world” is a theater through which the Creator acts upon me. I have to connect this entire theater to Him in His every action.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 11/24/19

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