Becoming A Source Of Influence On The Creator

laitman_239Baal HaSulam, Shamati 34, “The Advantage of a Land”: Thus, all the descents where one feels that he has come to separation are an opportunity to discern between something and its opposite. In other words, from the descents, one should learn the benefits of the ascents.

He would not be able to extract the importance that he could extract, as when one is given food without ever having felt hunger.

It turns out that the descents, which are the times of separation, create the importance of adhesion in the ascents, while the ascents make him hate the descents that the separation causes him.

How can I begin to feel the upper world, the highest state, which is not in my material desires? Only from the fact that I feel it as good or bad according to our earthly conditions, and then rising above them. In any case, we grow from the earth as plants and nothing can be done about it. We have no other definition.

The fact is that we are in states where we have to begin to determine what is good and bad not with respect to our animal body, but with respect to the absolute, as if relative to outer space, the Creator.

With respect to the Creator, good is only in rapprochement, unification into one common unified system. Then all creations will start feeling the connection between themselves and the Creator filling all these connections. Achieving this is the goal of our attainment. Almost all of us are already in this state, we only need to reveal it for ourselves in feeling and mind.

But this can be revealed only through a group. There is no other way. If we create a group in which we try to unite in order to attain the general governing force in this very unification, then we begin to explore this force, to feel it, to get closer. It becomes our tool and we can do whatever we wish with the Creator.

In fact, the Creator is not some kind of force that does whatever it wants. It is the total force of the universe that surrounds and includes everything. To the extent we make ourselves similar to it, to that extent we can reveal its emanation on us, bring it closer, move away from it, etc. A person begins to feel himself as a source of influence on the Creator.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/22/19

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