An Honorable Task Of Becoming Righteous

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we switch from the state of a “sinner” who is unable to justify the Creator to the state of a “righteous man”?

Answer: To feel as a “sinner” is a very good, beneficial, and unavoidable state. While egoism is waking up in you, you are “under the protection of the Torah,” meaning that you have something to lean on: You have the Light that helps you understand that you are experiencing a downfall and descent.

You fall because you haven’t corrected your new desire yet, which is unfolding in you now. Hence, you see yourself as a “sinner.” A “sinner” is a spiritual degree, and a very honorable one. This means that I have reached a state when the Creator realizes that He can load me with an even heavier burden and I will be able to correct it! He seems to be inviting and assigning me a more meaningful, additional job.

But I haven’t corrected this additional load yet; I cannot aim myself at bestowal regarding it yet, so in this state I consider myself a sinner so far. But I don’t blame myself for it; I justify the Creator, thank Him, and rejoice in the opportunity being revealed to me right now.

This is radically different from how ordinary people interpret the word “sinner.” It is a very respectable state. The commander singled me out of the entire company and said: “Only you are capable of carrying out this task!” In other words, I am granted additional burdening of the heart, and I take it on a new combat mission. But for now, I am a wicked man, until I complete it and become righteous.

Pharaoh understood he was a sinner and the Creator was the righteous one. In other words, every state along the spiritual ladder is spiritual. The wicked are exalted degrees preceding the righteous. And so these states come in turns: One time you are a sinner, another a righteous man, and once more, a sinner and a righteous one, over and over again. It’s as though I am walking on both legs: One leg is that of a sinner, and the other of a righteous man.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/2011, Shamati No. 6

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