The Uniqueness Of The Force Governing Us, Part 4

232.1Open Eyes and Heart

Baal HaSulam writes in the Shamati 1, “There Is None Else Besides Him”: And he, who always feels that the shattered is greater than the whole, meaning that there are many more descents than ascents, and he does not see an end to these states, and he will forever remain outside of holiness [striving for the Creator], for he sees that it is difficult for him to observe even in the slightest bit [slightest spiritual action, unite with the Creator both within and without], unless by overcoming above reason.

And only by faith above reason, despite all the confusion that the Creator creates in him, can he do this. But he is not always able to overcome these obstacles and sees that there is no end to them. How will this end?

When a person is completely disappointed in his abilities in order to discover the Creator in everything that exists, including himself, then he comes to the decision that there is no one who can help him—only the Creator Himself.

Indeed, if there is a single force, a single source of everything that is happening, then, obviously, it is only to Him that we have to turn to if we want to change something.

And therefore, a real demand for the Creator is born in a person so that He opens one’s eyes and heart, mind and feelings, and really brings the person closer to merging with Him forever. And this can only be done by the Creator Himself.

When a person begins to realize this, then one realizes that all the previous years and sometimes more, all the conditions that one went through, were not useless. The Creator specially prepared him so that he would have a real demand for Him, that the Creator would open his eyes and heart to him and in reality bring him closer to unity with Himself.

It turns out that all the rejections that he felt came from the Creator Himself, not because the person was bad and did not have the strength to overcome all obstacles and confusions, but specifically to excite the person, to give him the opportunity to seek the path to the Creator and determine exactly who He is.

It is for this that the Creator played with him for many long years so that the person within himself could clearly realize, define, and reveal his correct attitude to the Creator.

And only to someone who really wants to approach the Creator, that is, to someone who does not leave this path in any way despite the fact that he is disappointed every time and sees no end to all the things that happen to him—they give help from above, by not allowing him to be satisfied with small things and staying at the stage of a small, unreasonable child, so that one would not have the opportunity to say that I have some kind of correction technique, some good deeds, and he is be satisfied with this.

A person who is truly striving for truth cannot stop. The person must reach a state when the Creator will reveal Himself in him or her in absolutely full volume.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 11/24/19

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