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Kabbalah doesn’t instruct us to annul the animate egoism, which allows the organism to exist like with animals. It is against egoism that’s aimed at hatred, at using and suppressing others. This is a quality only that man has. It’s this egoism that is opposite to spirituality.

Scientists: the melting icebergs are caused by internal processes at the planetary core. This destroys all the made-up ecological propaganda. Our battle shouldn’t be against parties, but against the egoism that’s common to all of us. Upbringing that is not against others, but against our egoism, will save the planet!

The #EU summit on the budget concluded with no resultthe common negotiations are only showing the differences in positions. The egoism of every EU member state is being exposed more and more, as well as the impossibility for the whole EU to think as one whole.
The period of semi-disintegration has ended with England’s exit. Total disintegration is soon to come!

The only way to acquire the will to bestow is to turn to the Creator with a request to give me that which I have no desire for, but wish to desire. This aspiration to the quality of bestowal is just what I lack. Then comes my request for the Creator to fill this will to bestow with His light.

Attaining the Creator comes from attaining the difference between the black quality of our nature of reception, egoism, and the white quality of the Creator’s bestowal, altruism. In order to attain the whole of the Creator, our egoism has to be revealed more and moreְְ  and to the degree that it obeys, we can feel the quality of the Creator.

Just as we cannot distinguish anything in the white light unless we write our sensations on it in black letters, so in spirituality we need to pay attention to the black letters of our egoism on a white background of the Creator’s light for the sake of unity of all forces of nature—the Creator. Only in being opposite to Him do we attain Him.

The whole of nature that the Creator has made consists of two opposite qualities in each object being studied—this is how all the connections between all parts and characteristics of the world were organized. This is the foundation of the entire creation. (Baal HaSulam)

Only from the attainment of contradictions and opposites in striving to bring them into a single system do we build the Creator within us. Revealing contradictions in the governance enables us to rejoice at the efforts to unite the opposites for the sake of unity of all forces of nature—the Creator.

We have to attain hatred and rejection in order to attain closeness and love. The most important thing is the attainment of unity between opposites!

In the measure of the distance between those who aspire to the Creator will their unity grow. In the measure of the hatred between them will love be revealed. Thus, by taking turns between rejection and unity, in the left and right lines, they will advance toward the Creator in the middle line.
From Twitter, 2/22/20

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