From “Desert” To The “Land Of Israel”

laitman_747_01The entrance to the land of Israel is an ascent to the level of the implementation of freewill. The 40 years of wandering in the desert before entering the land of Israel, means being in certain desires called Bina, which is a high level, but the freedom of will is implemented there on a very weak, we can even say a child’s level – just do as you are told and everything will be all right.

The state of land of Israel represents the worst place in the world, the most terrible, hated place, causing everyone constant squabbles and fury, the land which was said to swallow those who live in it. But if you realize this desire (land – Eretz, from the word “Ratzon” – desire) correctly, you reveal the Creator in it.

In principle, a person who moves from the inner state “desert” to the spiritual state “land of Israel” rises to the bigger egoistic desires and can implement his freedom of will on the next, heavier level. The terrible problems and opposition between good and evil are revealed on this level and he must solve these problems within himself.

Upon entering the land of Israel, a person discovers new depths and new miasmas in him. He is obliged to examine them and choose love over hatred, which is very difficult because he needs to pay for it with his “animal” freedom.

Comment: The entire drama unfolds in front of the people. For example, Moses knows that he won’t enter the land of Israel, but he sends his children there.

My Response: Of course, it is a frightening state when you were ready to go with your people, but you are not allowed to. What will happen to them? You don’t know. You release them and they become independent from that moment.

Moses led people through the desert. The desert is much lower level than the land of Israel because all the contradictions revealed within a person in the desert were quite insignificant relative to the next level.

Besides, Moses was in the desert with them as an intermediary between the people and the Creator, meaning the system of governance. However, this system no longer exists on the border with the land of Israel. It is revealed before us in such a way. These really are difficult states. Unfortunately, we understand them only on our material level, not in the Kabbalistic sense.
From KabTV Program “The Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/10/16

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