Bnei Baruch: Spiritual Channel To The World

laitman_962.3Light and desire are completely opposite to one another in their essence, but through the development of the desire, they have to end up in similarity of form and adhesion. In this process, they manifest themselves as a line and a circle.

The relationship between the Creator and creation, the light and desire, the forces of bestowal and reception, develop in four stages descending from the Creator. This is called the “line” because this arrow is very precise, constricted, and under complete control from above descending toward creation. The creations themselves are like a “circle” because they are in complete slavery of their desire to enjoy and must transform themselves from Pharaoh’s slaves to the Creator’s workers. Their connection with the Creator, with the light, changes from one extreme to another.

The influence of the light on a desire, of the Creator on creation, makes a direct line, like a pipe that Israel must build from itself: a part of the desire created by the Creator that has the ability to make a channel of light out of itself. The other part of the desire possesses no such ability, since it has no properties of becoming like the light. Therefore, all it can do is wait for the light to come.

It follows that the desire has two parts: active and passive. The active part advances toward similarity with the Creator and has the ability to understand the purpose of creation, its role in creation, and the ability to fulfill its role. While the passive part of the general desire is unable to do so.

The upper part of the desire that works for the Creator, meaning Israel, in fact has to be the worst, most egoistic, and opposite to the Creator. It is then most likely to feel its oppositeness and need to change. The other part neither reacts nor strives to become closer to the light, and this spectrum includes the entire “70 nations of the world.”

Israel is at the very top of the desire with the most egoism. Therefore, they are more shrewd, intelligent, corrupt, and more strongly feel their vast difference from the upper force than the other nations. This helps them achieve great success in corporeal life with its money, fame, and knowledge.

It follows, that the people chosen from the whole universe, like the cream of the crop, or as if sifted through a sieve, as the greatest egoists that are aware of their evil, organize themselves into a group that works on coming closer to the Creator. They want to eliminate their oppositeness to the Creator and achieve similarity with Him, thus turning themselves into a channel for transmitting the Creator’s influence to the whole world.

There are two opposites at work here, as it often happens in spiritual laws, and we frequently observe this in our world too. We need to see it as a single whole system of creation, and that we continue moving forward with it as a whole, because we live in the era of the end of correction, in the generation of the Messiah (Mashiach).

The light that goes through Israel to the nations of the world pulls (Moshech) the entire egoistic desire toward correction. Therefore, all of us, the people who have an awakened desire to reveal the Creator, must understand our mission and our role to become the spiritual channel for the world. There are other groups that study Kabbalah, but here we discuss the group, Bnei Baruch, whose mission is to become the spiritual channel capable of accelerating the collective correction, and by doing so, bring contentment to the Creator.1
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/19, “Bnei Baruch” – Spiritual Pipeline to the World” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)
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