People Are Changing

laitman_423.02Question: Today, great solidarity and mutual guarantee are required in order to understand the situation because people transmit the coronavirus one to another. Moreover, they may not even know they are doing it because they have no symptoms.

How do we reach such solidarity? The government demands this from us, but we are all different, each one has their own principles.

Answer: Very interesting phenomena are appearing in society today, which we did not notice before. We understand that we should stay away from each other, not to sneeze, not to cough, not to talk, and not to approach within two meters of each other. We understand that people have their own free space, and we should be separated in our room or apartment.

All these states, basically, are not very logical and not very natural for our world because we are used to constantly jostling in the subway, trams, buses, we mix in the streets, etc.

And today, if a person sneezes a few meters away from me, I am immediately seized with fear. In general, we see how the state of people has been changed, and it is not imposed by anyone or anything. So, what if you get this virus? In principle, there is nothing to worry about. Are people dying from it? They are. But they die from ordinary flu too.

It turns out that a completely different attitude to this state has appeared, and it is as if it is not dictated by any phenomena in our world. It is just that people have become different. They perceive it as if we are in a state of chemical war.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus is changing the Reality,”3/19/20

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