Unconscious Advancement

laitman_619Question: Feeling a descent as an ascent is a great thing. It turns out that there are no falls, is that right?

Answer: There are no descents. The Creator wants humanity to move forward with the realization of what is happening to it. Ascension is a rise to eternity, to perfection, and every moment a person gets a chance to get even closer to the spiritual, to perfection.

But does one feel it? This is all our job—to feel that we are really moving this way. This is a problem.

Question: Are the steps of spiritual exaltation lowered into our world or do they begin after the transition through the Machsom?

Answer: No. Even now we are climbing this ladder, only inside the part of it called “our world.” This is a preliminary, a long and problematic elevation.

Question: Why is the preparatory period so long?

Answer: It is because we are on a spiritually inanimate level. We ourselves can do nothing, we still have no properties of bestowal and unification. Therefore, our climb is very long. It happens in us unconsciously.

Of course, this is an undesirable condition and it must be passed as quickly as possible. But when you tell people that you need to quickly move forward, get closer to each other, climb up, you get a reaction from them: “We still have other problems and concerns. We still have to do something.” And this is where it all ends.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/12/20

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