Love And Hatred—An Inseparable Duo

Laitman_630.2Question: If love and hatred are interdependent, how will we sense love without hatred in the final correction?

Answer: In the final correction, there are negative and positive forces that are absolutely opposite and therefore define the existence of each other. There cannot be light without darkness and love without hatred. If we ascend, both hatred and love necessarily increase within us. This must be studied.

Question: Is there such a notion as “absolute love”?

Answer: Absolute love exists above absolute hatred.

This is unlike in our world when you want to eliminate all negative qualities so that supposedly only the positive ones would remain. In this case, the positive qualities will disappear as well because one cannot exist without the other, like a plus without a minus or an electron without a positron. Simultaneously there must be either two dynamic systems or one in which there are opposite qualities or objects.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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