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Laitman_509The wisdom of Kabbalah defines the order of actions that happen in our desire to enjoy with the intention to receive or to give. The desire to enjoy is our nature, and the intention depends on a person. The change of the desire and the change of the intention together are called spiritual movement.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about this movement. One should not confuse it with the movements that we see in this world; this world is illusory, with imaginary movements and images. This is the whole difficulty: to separate from external actions, including our entire psychology, and start distinguishing the changes taking place within us as a result of inner spiritual movements.

To enter the first spiritual state (embryo) does not mean moving there as you are now, but undergoing a required number of changes. The question is, “What will remain of the former us during the transition from one state to another?” This is not a movement, as if I were sitting in a car and driving somewhere. In spiritual movement, I myself am changing and thus, gradually reach the state of spiritual embryo.

Therefore, we need to check ourselves: What changes do we get and due to what? Do they lead us to the entrance of the spiritual world? Am I becoming a new person every day? What remains of yesterday’s me? Can I say that I took a step forward? What other steps are required to become a spiritual embryo?

A Kabbalist must be very sensitive to the changes taking place in him. Everything that I felt and thought yesterday does not just disappear as in an ordinary person, but I completely change my foundation to a new desire and thought. It is possible to say that I am a new person every day.

Like a snake sheds its skin, so we need to change our desires, intentions, and habits in order to increasingly match the first spiritual state—to desire it, to make efforts to approach it, and to anticipate that it will be revealed in the next instant.

And if it is not revealed, then at least I took another step toward it, made one more change in myself, and I am immediately getting ready for new changes. In this way, I will go through the necessary number of changes until I acquire the form of a spiritual embryo.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/15/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Entering the Ibur,” (Prep For World Convention 2018)

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