What Does The Virus Reveal?

laitman_600.04Question: The actor and musician Arkady Dukhin spoke on IAC television and said: “We actors were remote, at a huge distance. Now, if we get closer than two meters, something new will happen, new music, new art will appear, we will feel some kind of breakthrough in life.”

Why does the upper force of nature get turned on and give a new impulse that people have begun to talk about now, about feeling the difference depending on distance?

Answer: The corona virus reveals to us how we are treating each other. “You do not love each other? Do not come close, otherwise you will feel bad.”

This is a manifestation of our egoism in a sharper form. The word “virus” comes from the word “avera,” that is, a violation of the good connection between people. This is what a virus is.

I hope that people will begin to understand how to restore our connection, and then the virus will turn into something good. There is nothing evil in the world, it all depends on the way we apply it. It is similar to, let us say, atomic or any other energy that has its pros and cons, which, in principle, are equivalent in their possibilities of being applied.

When we correct ourselves to the extent that this virus turns into a positive property, we will see that with its help we can become so close to each other and that a feeling of the upper world will arise between us, meaning the next state in which we can already exist outside the body. In principle, this is the hint the virus gives us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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