Coronavirus: Through All The Galaxies

laitman_527.03Nature is showing us through the coronavirus that if we move away from others with our egoism, then we have no right to be close to them physically. If we want to be connected, we must first establish an internal connection, and relate to each other correctly and kindly.

To the extent that one wishes everyone well, he can come close to them. And if he has no desire to love and help another, then he can not come close to him. Let the person see how his selfishness alienates him.

Everything is so simple: the properties of the upper world are already emerging in our world, and we must use this to educate ourselves, to know when to approach or to move away. Imagine how good it would be if we kept the right distance, approaching or moving away from people according to our inner attitude.

You and I can be in two different galaxies separated by many light-years, and at the same time, we will have a feeling that we are connected and will certainly come closer in the future because the Creator between us is awakening us to this. Then we would search, each from our own galaxy, how to get closer to each other despite the distances, how to express our love and to nullify ourselves.

Thus, we would gradually come closer and unite in one Partzuf in which the Creator is revealed in all His might, that is, in eternal and perfect love between us. We would merge with our hearts and desires and discover that the Creator is fulfilling us. This is the end of the correction.

But first, we need to discover how different we are. And this is exactly what the coronavirus is doing. There will be other ways that will make us feel the distance between each other, and we will finally realize that the virus is connected to our desire, to our internal property, and that I cannot get closer to another individual because this is how it works.

I do not want closeness with another person, that is why I cannot physically approach him! It turns out that our world begins to take the form of the spiritual world.

Imagine that we are all suspended in a vacuum, and to the extent that we want to become kinder and closer to each other, we get closer. And if we treat each other badly, then we move away. That is, everything is determined not by the physical distances in this world, but by our internal, spiritual properties. This is exactly what is happening in the world, and now we can reflect upon how to change ourselves.

This has always been hidden and confusing for us, and now everything is revealed. I want to be closer to others because in this way I can reveal the Creator and the higher world, which manifests itself only in the connection between us. But to get closer, it is not enough to take a few steps without changing yourself from within.

First, I need to change myself, change my attitude toward others from hatred to love, and only then can I get closer to them. We draw closer or move away according to our intentions, our attitude. Everything becomes clear and understandable, and all spiritual work is done openly.

Therefore, I ask my friends: pull me toward you, let’s turn to the Creator together so that He would help us! And so we work, but as if suspended in the air so far. We communicate with each other and with the Creator, ask for help, begin to move toward each other as if floating in zero gravity, until we unite and reveal the property called the Creator between us.

This is all already in our hands. We now have the opportunity to work in the corporeal world but with spiritual properties. Imagine what the coronavirus has done!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/20,

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