How Can We Neutralize The Coronavirus?

629.4Question: You say that if we begin to take others into our consideration, take their desires into account, then this will neutralize the virus?

Answer: No, I don’t suggest you do it now because you cannot get rid of your selfish intentions. You would apply, as it seems to you, a different, supposedly unselfish attitude toward others, but you cannot get out of egoism in any way, it is your nature.

There is a method of getting out of egoism, rising above it. A special science deals with it, the science of Kabbalah. But this is not given to an ordinary person, this must be learned.

If you are thinking about how to get out of yourself, rise above yourself, and begin to feel a different nature, meaning the upper world, then you need to seriously begin to engage in Kabbalah. Visit our website and take an interest in how it is done.

As soon as we really begin to get closer, not physically, not by selfish attraction for the benefit of our beloved self, but for the benefit of others, outside our own interests and, perhaps, even to our own detriment, then all negative phenomena in our world will immediately disappear because they are the product of our egoistic relationships.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/19

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