Two Meters Of Neutral Zone

232.09The whole reality of this world needs to be incorporated in our relations with the upper force of nature. But in today’s reality there are many voids. After all, what is coronavirus?

The virus shows that instead of the connection between us, there are empty areas that need to be filled with the right relationships. And revealing these gaps between us allows us to see that it is impossible to relate through them, because through this corrupted connection we transmit the virus to one another.

The virus revealed huge gaps between us that need to be filled with friendly relations. And if we cannot build such bridges of connection, it is better not to go there at all and sit at home.

The distance between people is desire, and the virus reveals new desires, new qualities, new relationships that need to be established between us. If through this two meter distance from each other we connect in a new way by becoming as one person with one heart, then the Creator will be revealed between us.

The virus shows empty spaces that need to be filled with a good attitude. And then we will achieve a new connection, more similar to the system of Adam HaRishon. All parts of this common system will begin to work together, in unison, in mutual understanding. Instead of imposing on the other what is good for me, I will give him what is good for him.

And then the distance between us will begin disappearing and the world will start connecting precisely through these gaps between us. All parts of reality will unite and form a new, corrected system of Adam HaRishon, within which the Creator will appear, and organize and fulfill our connections. This is not a distance of two meters, but desires filled with the revelation of the upper force.

It will take time to understand this and begin to implement it, but it will happen, and the whole world will talk about it. We just have not yet begun to close these gaps between us with right, good, kind-hearted relationships. But as soon as this happens, the world will immediately see that this is the solution and cure for the coronavirus, that this is a new reality, and that the world should be exactly like this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/7/20

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