What Will Get Rid Of The Coronavirus?

laitman_626Question: The head of the Israeli government announced that love is alienation and separation, meaning that by observing all the rules of the Ministry of Health, we show solidarity and concern for someone else.

According to Kabbalah, is this similar to the love of one’s neighbor, which is manifested not in the rapprochement between people, but first in alienation, then in restriction and the acquisition of the screen?

That is, first connection between people is reduced, second, the acquisition of a screen, the development of an anti-egoistic property and third is the right connection between people?

Answer: In principle, egoistic love lies in the fact that we use one another in order to make ourselves happy, as it usually happens between parents and children. After all, we give birth to children for our own sake, without asking the future children if they want to be born. It is the same thing here. Therefore, no one thinks of love for another, they think only of love for themselves. So we are programmed and automatically act.

But if we thought about others, then we would act differently. And the coronavirus that engulfs the world helps us in this, saying: “First of all, move away from each other. After you are independent from each other, think about why you need to get closer. If you come closer not for your own sake, but for the sake of others, then no virus will harm you, there will be no problems! Make it good for you because you are doing good to others, and all the viruses will disappear.”

Maybe I’m talking about too high a relationship, but in principle, this is the true deliverance from the coronavirus. Nature must lead us to ensure that we do not use others, but function as in an integrated system where each organ works for the whole system.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/20

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